1984 JOGO


  1   Mike Hameluck   Toronto Argonauts
  2   Bob Bronk   Toronto Argonauts
  3   Paul Pearson   Toronto Argonauts
  4   Dan Ferrone   Toronto Argonauts
  5   Paul Bennett   Toronto Argonauts
  6   Joe Barnes   Toronto Argonauts
  7   Condredge Holloway   Toronto Argonauts
  8   Terry Greer   Toronto Argonauts
  9   Vince Goldsmith   Toronto Argonauts
  10   Darrell Wilson   Toronto Argonauts
  11   Tom Trifaux   Toronto Argonauts
  12   Kelvin Pruenster   Toronto Argonauts
  13   Earl Wilson   Toronto Argonauts
  14   Hank Ilesic   Toronto Argonauts
  15   Steve Del Col   Toronto Argonauts
  16   Lamont Meacham   Toronto Argonauts
  17   Lester Brown   Toronto Argonauts
  18   Rob Forbes   Toronto Argonauts
  19   Darrell Nicholson   Toronto Argonauts
  20   James Curry   Toronto Argonauts
  21   Skip Walker   Ottawa Rough Riders
  22   J.C. Watts   Ottawa Rough Riders
  23   Kevin Powell   Ottawa Rough Riders
  24   Dean Dorsey   Ottawa Rough Riders
  25   Tyron Gray   Ottawa Rough Riders
  26   Mike Hudson   Ottawa Rough Riders
  27   Dan Rashovich   Ottawa Rough Riders
  28   Rudy Phillips   Ottawa Rough Riders
  29   Larry Tittley   Ottawa Rough Riders
  30   Ricky Barden   Ottawa Rough Riders
  31   Mark Seale   Ottawa Rough Riders
  32   Prince McJunkins   Ottawa Rough Riders
  33   Kevin Dalliday   Ottawa Rough Riders
  34   Rick Sowieta   Ottawa Rough Riders
  35   Roger Cattelan   Ottawa Rough Riders
  36   Damir Dupin   Ottawa Rough Riders
  37   Jack Williams   Ottawa Rough Riders
  38   Dave Newman   Ottawa Rough Riders
  39   Maurice Doyle   Ottawa Rough Riders
  40   Tim Hook   Ottawa Rough Riders
  41   Dieter Brock   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  42   Rufus Crawford   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  43   Steve Kearns   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  44   Ross Francis   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  45   Henry Waszczuk   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  46   Mark Streeter   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  47   Mike McIntyre   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  48   John Priestner   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  49   Paul Palma   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  50   Mike Walker   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  51   Mike Barker   Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  52   Todd Brown   Montreal Concordes
  53   Andre Francis   Montreal Concordes
  54   Glenn Keeble   Montreal Concordes
  55   Turner Gill   Montreal Concordes
  56   Eugene Belliveau   Montreal Concordes
  57   William Hampton   Montreal Concordes
  58   Ken Ciancone   Montreal Concordes
  59   Preston Young   Montreal Concordes
  60   Stanley Washington   Montreal Concordes
  61   Denny Ferdinand   Montreal Concordes
  62   Steve Smith   Montreal Concordes
  63   Rick Klassen   British Columbia Lions
  64   Larry Crawford   British Columbia Lions
  65   John Henry White   British Columbia Lions
  66   Bernie Glier   British Columbia Lions
  67   Don Taylor   British Columbia Lions
  68   Roy DeWalt   British Columbia Lions
  69   Mervyn Fernandez   British Columbia Lions
  70   John Blain   British Columbia Lions
  71   James Parker   British Columbia Lions
  72   Henry Vereen   British Columbia Lions
  73   Gerald Roper   British Columbia Lions
  74   Jim Sandusky   British Columbia Lions
  75   John Pankratz   British Columbia Lions
  76   Tom Clements   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  77   Vernon Pahl   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  78   Trevor Kennerd   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  79   Stan Mikawos   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  80   Ken Hailey   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  81   James Murphy   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  82   Jeff Boyd   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  83   Bob Cameron   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  84   Jerome Erdman   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  85   Tyrone Jones   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  86   John Bonk   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  87   John Sturdivant   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  88   Dan Huclack   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  89   Tony Norman   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  90   Kevin Neiles   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  91   Dave Kirzinger   Calgary Stampeders
  92   Kevin Molle   Calgary Stampeders
  93   Jerry Dobrovolny   Calgary Stampeders
  94   Larry Hogue   Calgary Stampeders
  95   Ken Moore   Calgary Stampeders
  96   Jerry Friesen   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  97   Mike McTague   Calgary Stampeders
  98   Jason Riley   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  99   Roger Aldag   Saskatchewan Roughriders
  100   Dave Ridgway   Saskatchewan Roughriders


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