1990 Pacific Rad-Dudes


  1   Cannonball Cory  
  2   Nerdy Nathan  
  3   Busted Ben  
  4   Awesome Volleyball Val  
  5   Chemical Chris  
  6   Bored Brandon  
  7   Mad Mowin' Mike  
  8   Slamin' Jamin' James  
  9   Totally Tubular Tiffany  
  10   Boogie Boardin' Bob  
  11   Pitchin' Pete  
  12   Boom Box Bryan  
  13   Running Back Ryan  
  14   Stunt Bike Steve  
  15   Skate Board Scott  
  16   Remote Control Craig  
  17   Video Mad Vince  
  18   Mini Video Vinny  
  19   Awesome B'ball Blake  
  20   Downhill David  
  21   Snow Board Shawn  
  22   Wave Rippin' Ray  
  23   Rah Rah Rachael  
  24   Big Buff Brian  
  25   Kickin' Kevin  
  26   Radical Ron  
  27   Dissecting Dan & Don  
  28   Hang Ten Tony  
  29   Back Up Bart  
  30   Rail Ridin' Ronnie  
  31   Hand Plant Hank  
  32   Messy Marty  
  33   Spikin' Spencer  
  34   Funky Fred  
  35   Half Pipe Pat  
  36   Crammin' Clint  
  37   Dodge Ball Doug  
  38   Checkin' Out the Babes Brett  
  39   Poser Pete  
  40   Peekin' Tom & Jimmy  
  41   Teasin' Toby  
  42   Piggin' Out Owen  
  43   Cherry Bomb Dudes  
  44   Bicep Brothers  
  45   Knee Board Nick  
  46   Wipe Out Wayne  
  47   Jason Jock  
  48   Surfin Stacy  
  49   Gnarly Bryan and Trent  
  50   Wild Waylon and Willie  
  51   Clara Cleavage  
  52   Alien Exchange Student Al  
  53   Hurtin' Harry  
  54   Totally Buff Tina  
  55   The Four Rad Dudes  
  NNO1   Chemical Chris  
  NNO2   Awesome Volleyball Val  
  NNO3   Busted Ben  
  NNO4   Nerdy Nathan  
  NNO5   Cannonball Cory  
  NNO6   Boogie Boardin' Bob  
  NNO7   Totally Tubular Tiffany  
  NNO8   Slamin' Jamin' James  
  NNO9   Mad Mowin' Mike  
  NNO10   Bored Brandon  
  NNO11   Skate Board Scott  
  NNO12   Stunt Bike Steve  
  NNO13   Running Back Ryan  
  NNO14   Boom Box Bryan  
  NNO15   Pitchin' Pete  
  NNO16   Downhill David  
  NNO17   Awesome B'ball Blake  
  NNO18   Mini Video Vinny  
  NNO19   Video Mad Vince  
  NNO20   Remote Control Craig  
  NNO21   Kickin' Kevin  
  NNO22   Big Buff Brian  
  NNO23   Rah Rah Rachael  
  NNO24   Wave Rippin' Ray  
  NNO25   Snow Board Shawn  
  NNO26   Half Pipe Pat  
  NNO27   Funky Fred  
  NNO28   Spikin' Spencer  
  NNO29   Messy Marty  
  NNO30   Hand Plant Hank  
  NNO31   Peekin' Tom & Jimmy  
  NNO32   Poser Pete  
  NNO33   Checkin' Out the Babes Brett  
  NNO34   Dodge Ball Doug  
  NNO35   Crammin' Clint  
  NNO36   Knee Board Nick  
  NNO37   Bicep Brothers  
  NNO38   Cherry Bomb Dudes  
  NNO39   Piggin' Out Owen  
  NNO40   Teasin' Toby  
  NNO41   Wild Waylon and Willie  
  NNO42   Gnarly Bryan and Trent  
  NNO43   Surfin Stacy  
  NNO44   Jason Jock  
  NNO45   Wipe Out Wayne  


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