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 Date / TimeChange TypeMember Before After Details
1. 7-19-2020 12:18AM PID Link EditBigEd76 70933261546 View
2. 10-9-2018 3:50PM Name EditJerro KnightsendKnightquest, Knightsend View
3. 10-9-2018 3:50PM Name EditJerro DehumanizedKnightquest, Dehumanized View
4. 10-9-2018 3:49PM Name EditJerro Off the Deep EndKnightquest, Off the Deep End View
5. 10-9-2018 3:49PM Name EditJerro No Deals!Knightquest, No Deals! View
6. 10-9-2018 3:49PM Name EditJerro CorrosionKnightquest, Corrosion View
7. 10-9-2018 3:49PM Name EditJerro Prince of FoolsKnightquest, Prince of Fools View
8. 10-9-2018 3:49PM Name EditJerro CharadesKnightquest, Charades View
9. 10-9-2018 3:48PM Name EditJerro Back Off!Knightquest, Back Off! View
10. 10-9-2018 3:48PM Name EditJerro The CrusadeKnightquest, The Crusade View
11. 10-9-2018 3:47PM Name EditJerro King of GothamKnightfall, King of Gotham View
12. 10-9-2018 3:47PM Name EditJerro the VisionKnightfall, The Vision View
13. 10-9-2018 3:47PM Name EditJerro Claws for BaneKnightfall, Claws for Bane View
14. 10-9-2018 3:46PM Name EditJerro Anarchy/LawKnightfall, Anarchy/Law View
15. 10-9-2018 3:46PM Name EditJerro Bad BloodKnightfall, Bad Blood View
16. 10-9-2018 3:46PM Name EditJerro Accept the CowlKnightfall, Accept the Cowl View
17. 10-9-2018 3:46PM Name EditJerro The Broken BatKnightfall, The Broken Bat View
18. 10-9-2018 3:45PM Name EditJerro Face Me!Knightfall, Face Me! View
19. 10-9-2018 3:45PM Name EditJerro Fear Equals RageKnightfall, Fear Equals Rage View
20. 10-9-2018 3:45PM Name EditJerro CluelessKnightfall, Clueless View
21. 10-9-2018 3:45PM Name EditJerro The Vixen of VinesKnightfall, The Vixen of Vines View
22. 10-9-2018 3:44PM Name EditJerro InfernoKnightfall, Inferno View
23. 10-9-2018 3:44PM Name EditJerro BloodlustKnightfall, Bloodlust View
24. 10-9-2018 3:44PM Name EditJerro Tipping the ScaleKnightfall, Tipping the Scale View
25. 10-9-2018 3:44PM Name EditJerro Meet Mr. ZsaszKnightfall, Meet Mr. Zsasz View
26. 10-9-2018 3:43PM Name EditJerro BehemothKnightfall, Behemoth View
27. 10-9-2018 3:43PM Name EditJerro One Down…Knightfall, One Down… View
28. 10-9-2018 3:43PM Name EditJerro Arkham BreakoutKnightfall, Arkham Breakout View
29. 10-9-2018 3:42PM Name EditJerro HuntVengeance of Bane, Hunt View
30. 10-9-2018 3:42PM Name EditJerro TransfusionVengeance of Bane, Transfusion View
31. 10-9-2018 3:42PM Name EditJerro BirthVengeance of Bane, Birth View
32. 10-9-2018 3:41PM Name EditJerro Trial by FireSword of Azrael, Trial by Fire View
33. 10-9-2018 3:41PM Name EditJerro SaviorSword of Azrael, Savior View
34. 10-9-2018 3:41PM Name EditJerro HostageSword of Azrael, Hostage View
35. 10-9-2018 3:40PM Name EditJerro Knight of St. DumasSword of Azrael, Knight of St. Dumas View
36. 10-9-2018 3:40PM Name EditJerro LehahSword of Azrael, Lehah View
37. 10-9-2018 3:40PM Name EditJerro InheritanceSword of Azrael, Inheritance View
38. 10-9-2018 3:39PM Name EditJerro InitiationA Lonely Place of Dying, Initiation View
39. 10-9-2018 3:39PM Name EditJerro Never AgainA Lonely Place of Dying, Never Again View
40. 10-9-2018 3:39PM Name EditJerro Only a BoyA Lonely Place of Dying, Only a Boy View
41. 10-9-2018 3:38PM Name EditJerro ReunitedA Lonely Place of Dying, Reunited View
42. 10-9-2018 3:38PM Name EditJerro Double JeopardyA Lonely Place of Dying, Double Jeopardy View
43. 10-9-2018 3:38PM Name EditJerro ConfrontationA Lonely Place of Dying, Confrontation View
44. 10-9-2018 3:38PM Name EditJerro HomecomingA Lonely Place of Dying, Homecoming View
45. 10-9-2018 3:37PM Name EditJerro "Am I Mad?"A Lonely Place of Dying, "Am I Mad?" View
46. 10-9-2018 3:37PM Name EditJerro Consumed by GuiltA Lonely Place of Dying, Consumed by Guilt View
47. 10-9-2018 3:36PM Name EditJerro Killer Croc & ScarfaceNemesis, Killer Croc / Scarface View
48. 10-9-2018 3:36PM Name EditJerro Poison Ivy & RiddlerNemesis, The Riddler / Poison Ivy View
49. 10-9-2018 3:35PM Name EditJerro The MudpackNemesis, The Mudpack View
50. 10-9-2018 3:35PM Name EditJerro ScarecrowNemesis, The Scarecrow View
51. 10-9-2018 3:34PM Name EditJerro Ra's al GhulNemesis, Ra's al Ghul View
52. 10-9-2018 3:34PM Name EditJerro Nemesis, JokerNemesis, The Joker View
53. 10-9-2018 3:34PM Name EditJerro Nemesis, PenguinNemesis, The Penguin View
54. 10-9-2018 3:33PM Name EditJerro PenguinNemesis, Penguin View
55. 10-9-2018 3:33PM Name EditJerro Two-FaceNemesis, Two-Face View
56. 10-9-2018 3:33PM Name EditJerro CatwomanNemesis, Catwoman View
57. 10-9-2018 3:33PM Name EditJerro JokerNemesis, Joker View
58. 10-9-2018 3:32PM Name EditJerro Two-Minute WarningA Death In the Family, Two-Minute Warning View
59. 10-9-2018 3:32PM Name EditJerro Ultimate JokeA Death In the Family, Ultimate Joke View
60. 10-9-2018 3:32PM Name EditJerro Mourning TimeA Death In the Family, Mourning Time View
61. 10-9-2018 3:31PM Name EditJerro BetrayalA Death In the Family, Betrayal View
62. 10-9-2018 3:31PM Name EditJerro ReunionA Death In the Family, Reunion View
63. 10-9-2018 3:31PM Name EditJerro Missile DealA Death In the Family, Missile Deal View
64. 10-9-2018 3:31PM Name EditJerro The SearchA Death In the Family, The Search View
65. 10-9-2018 3:30PM Name EditJerro Freedom of MadnessA Death In the Family, Freedom of Madness View
66. 10-9-2018 3:30PM Name EditJerro "That's It!..."A Death In the Family, "That's It!..." View
67. 10-9-2018 3:29PM Name EditJerro Seduction of the GunDynamic Duo, Seduction of the Gun View
68. 10-9-2018 3:29PM Name EditJerro Rite of PassageDynamic Duo, Rite of Passage View
69. 10-9-2018 3:29PM Name EditJerro Proving GroundDynamic Duo, Proving Ground View
70. 10-9-2018 3:28PM Name EditJerro The CultDynamic Duo, The Cult View
71. 10-9-2018 3:28PM Name EditJerro Equal JusticeDynamic Duo, Equal Justice View
72. 10-9-2018 3:28PM Name EditJerro My Father's KillerDynamic Duo, My Father's Killer View
73. 10-9-2018 3:28PM Name EditJerro Demon's HeadDynamic Duo, Demon's Head View
74. 10-9-2018 3:27PM Name EditJerro PartnersDynamic Duo, Partners View
75. 10-9-2018 3:27PM Name EditJerro A Sacred TrustDynamic Duo, A Sacred Trust View
76. 10-9-2018 3:27PM Name EditJerro Severed TiesRobin, Severed Ties View
77. 10-9-2018 3:26PM Name EditJerro Uneasy AllianceRobin, Uneasy Alliance View
78. 10-9-2018 3:26PM Name EditJerro Tim DrakeRobin, Tim Drake View
79. 10-9-2018 3:26PM Name EditJerro A Death in the FamilyRobin, A Death in the Family View
80. 10-9-2018 3:26PM Name EditJerro Out of LineRobin, Out of Line View
81. 10-9-2018 3:25PM Name EditJerro Jason ToddRobin, Jason Todd View
82. 10-9-2018 3:25PM Name EditJerro NightwingRobin, Nightwing View
83. 10-9-2018 3:25PM Name EditJerro Robin RetiresRobin, Robin Retires View
84. 10-9-2018 3:25PM Name EditJerro Dick GraysonRobin, Dick Grayson View
85. 10-9-2018 3:23PM Name EditJerro WithdrawlYear One, Withdrawal View
86. 10-9-2018 3:23PM Name EditJerro The Power of VenomYear One, The Power of Venom View
87. 10-9-2018 3:23PM Name EditJerro Not…Strong…Enough…Year One, Not… Strong… Enough… View
88. 10-9-2018 3:22PM Name EditJerro Partners in CrimeYear One, Partners in Crime View
89. 10-9-2018 3:22PM Name EditJerro First ImpressionsYear One, First Impressions View
90. 10-9-2018 3:22PM Name EditJerro Birth of the JokerYear One, Birth of the Joker View
91. 10-9-2018 3:22PM Name EditJerro Finding a FriendYear One, Finding a Friend View
92. 10-9-2018 3:21PM Name EditJerro Feline FataleYear One, Feline Fatale View
93. 10-9-2018 3:21PM Name EditJerro Falsely AccusedYear One, Falsely Accused View
94. 10-9-2018 3:21PM Name EditJerro Face to FaceYear One, Face to Face View
95. 10-9-2018 3:20PM Name EditJerro Two Sides of the Same CoinYear One, Two Sides of the Same Coin View
96. 10-9-2018 3:20PM Name EditJerro The OmenYear One, The Omen View
97. 10-9-2018 3:20PM Name EditJerro Crime AlleyYear One, Crime Alley View
98. 10-9-2018 3:20PM Name EditJerro ShamanYear One, Shaman View
99. 10-9-2018 3:20PM Name EditJerro Training AbroadYear One, Training Abroad View
100. 10-9-2018 3:19PM Name EditJerro The Permanent NightmareYear One, The Permanent Nightmare View



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