Change Log

 Date / TimeChange TypeMember Before After Details
1. 11-15-2020 12:35PM CardNums UpdatedBigEd76 1990 Classic WWF - Promos Wrestling (NNO) View
2. 11-15-2020 12:34PM PID EditBigEd76 42111 View
3. 11-15-2020 12:34PM Name EditBigEd76 BushwhackersThe Bushwhackers View
4. 11-15-2020 12:34PM Name EditBigEd76 Brutus The Barber BeefcakeBrutus "The Barber" Beefcake View
5. 2-13-2015 11:51PM Name Link Editswitzr1 Bushwhacker ButchBushwhacker Butch View
6. 1-1-2015 10:12PM Name Link Editswitzr1 Randy SavageMacho Man Randy Savage View
7. 1-1-2015 10:12PM Name Link Editswitzr1 Macho King Randy SavageRandy Savage View


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