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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Year: 2004

Set: Donruss Classics (Rate)

Card: #167 Jamaar Taylor

“ This is a nice looking card. I do believe they could have spent a bit less real estate for the frame and used it for a bigger photo but looks good the way it is. ” -Camstone   2
“ Although I have 2007 set, I have never cared for Donruss Classic sets. Cropped pictures. Kinda dull. ” -cjjt   3
“ Pretty high serial numbers, but still fun to me! I'd buy a box of these! ” -bkklaos
“ I like this card. It will have made for a better card, if the player was pictures in his pro uniform. ” -Brendan Barrick   1
“ Nice enough card. I don't remember the guy, but 1,850 collectors have a chance of owning it. ” -switzr1   1
“ It has a cool look, but not loving it for some reason. Maybe cause the NYG logo with the A&M uniform looks funky or maybe cause I would expect more recognizable players on a set labeled Classics. ” -muskie027   1

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Saturday, November 21, 2020 11:44 AM

Feels like the frame dominates the card more than the pic used.

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