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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Year: 1986

Set: JOGO (Rate)

Card: #20 Jim Reid

“ Nice simple design. I like it. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ It's sad an off brand, Canadian, 80's football card that does things better than many modern cards. The only things I would say negatively for this card are no team name and too much white and no stats on the back. They managed to use a border besides white on the front and managed to get his full body in the card. Also the writing is legible and well sized everywhere! 9 out of 10. ” -davidhandberry
“ Pretty bland design with no team name or logo; was this a licensed set? I hate that Canadian players in the Canadian Football League are described as "non-imports". ” -bevans
“ Was this a food issue? It looks like a food issue. Either way, neat to see Canadian stuff here. ” -parsley24
“ Awesome Riders card, from the CFL's glory days! ” -dilemma19
“ yup, that's a football card. ” -NJDevils
“ Wait a second...hang on here. I've been unavailable for a few days and THIS is what I get for ROTCD commenting when I finally get back to it? Well, the front is decent but needs some gussying up. The back is atrocious. I am guessing that a CFL fan back then would be familiar with CIAU and Wilifrid Laurier terminology, but I have to admit my ignorance. But most surprising to me was the CFLPA logo. Did the NBA really let them get by with that? Is it still like that? Or if the CFL was first, why do they let the NBA steal it for their own? And who is the CFL version of Jerry West? I have all of these questions now! ” -kents_stuff
“ For someone stumbling across this card who knows little about the CFL, it's hard to tell he plays in Ottawa. ” -DanD
“ front of the card is nice, back could've used a lotta help ” -Thunderfoot
“ 80's football!! havent seen these cant go wrong here, just curious about the reverse though.. apparently he's not an import?? ” -Smokin_joe

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 3:17 AM

I'd like to have the Brian Pillman card from this set. I've looked online and they are always priced kind of high. Pillman later became a pro wrestler and worked for WCW and the WWE. Unfortunatly he passed away to young. His son Brian Pillman Jr. is wrestling now and I hear he is very good. Cool looking set but the back is a bit bland.

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