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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Year: 1922

Set: W573 Strip Cards (Rate)

Card: #NNO Hank DeBerry

“ HE caught a no hitter for Dazzy vance, so thats cool ” -Bargunmaster
“ It's a Strip Card, so I'm afraid to look at the back. I love the front though, and just enjoyed the quick read of his Wikipedia page. Dude played in the Kitty League, which was in my neck of the woods, and of course had some incredible team nicknames. ” -switzr1
“ Two super vintage baseball in a row. May not be "my sport", but it sure is fun to see them! This card predates my grandparents! ” -Billy Kingsley
“ Great Caesar's ghost, what a beauty! ” -rmpaq5
“ Ooh another vintage vintage card. Very nice. Love fragile vintage cards. ” -captkirk42
“ It's De-Card. What's not to love about this vintage card? I'm sure it's out of my price range, but I shall look into this set. I was not aware of it. ” -Sportzcommish
“ Another true vintage card (not the 1970s "vintage") and another style I'd really enjoy having in my collection. As of right now, my oldest card product is 1951, so I'd probably venture into the 1940s first, and work my way back - unless a good deal on something earlier falls in my lap. ” -vrooomed
“ Cool old card ” -cjjt
“ Some REAL classics a couple days in a row. Nice! ” -carthage44
“ oooh, mega old cards twice in a row, good job 2018 ” -Lennoxmatt
“ Amazing photography. Timeless historical value. ” -parsley24
“ I missed yesterday but I think this makes two pretty awesome pre-World War II cards in a row. ” -jasongerman9
“ Here we go! I love the vintage cards. They're so good, that all the companies are making retro versions of their current cards. Beautiful frame; nice picture; name, position and team on front. If this had stats on the back, it would be perfect. I don't even have something funny to say. ” -Vvvergeer
“ Are these like tobacco cards? Cause I have never heard of this set before. ” -MLBaseball
“ Wow, is this two of the old stuff in a row. RCOTD is on a hot streak with awesomeness!! I love it. ” -muskie027
“ As much as the modern day sets try to capture the beauty of the vintage sets, they totally fail. Its pictures like these that give me great love for TCDB, I get to look at cards that I know I could never afford to collect. See cards I never knew existed. ” -YoRicha
“ Awesome. Just a beautiful card concept, from when it was original. ” -kents_stuff
“ Whoa, another beauty! Would love to add something from this set to my collection. ” -marcbrubaker
“ More vintage baseball! The border is a little busy but still, vintage. ” -IfbBirdsCards
“ 96 year old card thats pretty cool ” -Thunderfoot

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018 8:33 PM

I’d like to see a before and now insert showing a colored version of these cards so we could see what the uniforms looked like back then.

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