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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Year: 1995

Set: Upper Deck - Electric Diamond Silver (Rate)

Card: #200 Michael Jordan

“ Now that is cool. Just think, if Michael Jordan hadn't sat out a season and a half, he could have - and probably would have - won 8 straight NBA championships. ” -Billy Kingsley
“ He could have played in the Majors had a played a couple more years. The best basketball player of all-time, PERIOD! ” -carthage44
“ I love Michael Jordan, but not in a baseball uniform. However, anytime you can get Harry and his big glasses on a card it's a win! ” -cckeith
“ I will overlook the fact that this is from a parallel set, and say that this is just a great card from my favorite upper deck set. As a Cardinal fan who grew up not getting the Cardinals channel, Harry Caray was the voice of baseball from my childhood. ” -switzr1
“ wait they made a card about this ” -CardDude14
“ Always irks me when minor league bums like this no-name get a card instead of an everyday player. ” -wax_house
“ 2 Icons.... ” -SFC Temple
“ Nice MJ card. Didn't know this one existed. Only knew about the regular Upper Deck card of his (plus a zillion "broder" cards) ” -captkirk42
“ I like cards like this. A guy who's known mostly for one thing having a card in something else. ” -bigmeat

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Sunday, September 27, 2015 1:28 PM

HEYYYYYYYYY MJ You ever try to eat a hot dog while running the bases? Those Dodger dogs are something else,

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