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Monday, June 27, 2022

Set: 1933 Flatbush Gum Noah's Ark (R100)

Card: #NNO Polar Bears

“ Not bad for a nonsport issue. ” -Brendan Barrick   1
“ Love those "facts" printed on the back. ” -hamrlik22   2
“ Pete? Is that you? ” -domentho   7
“ Nice Vintage Non-Sport. The gum company confused me for a second at first. I was wondering why they would include Polar Bears in a series about Noah's Ark. ” -captkirk42
“ RCoTD coincidence?! Exactly 78 years ago today, at the Arctic Open, the final score was Polar Bears 8, Seals 0. ” -Hawthorne61
“ Bear 1, fish 0. ” -UKboogie
“ I don't know that I have ever thought of a polar bear as "shaggy" but people didn't have a lot of experience seeing polar bears back then. ” -hiflew
“ Not sure why they made Noah's Ark trading cards, but I'm sure there's someone out there who collects these. ” -jdogg1228
“ Too cool. ” -freakizon
“ Very cool classic card ” -pugchump
“ I don't know why but I love this card! ” -TwinKiller
“ If you collect this set do you have to have doubles of each card to complete it? ” -righthook   4
“ This is awesome! ” -muskie027


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