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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Set: 1995 Star Cards Riders of the World

Card: #35 Kristina Gifford

“ OK, something different. I can dig it. ” -muskie027   2
“ Interesting. Never thought I'd see a Riders of the World set until now. Kind of mysterious with the incomplete checklist. ” -freakizon   1
“ A horse riding card? I'd like to know how many people actually bought these. ” -NickyCollects   1
“ The sport is called eventing? I bet it's a rare card and very few of you have it in your inventory. ” -tinyshogun
“ Would I collect this? Naaaay. ” -Musclebeech   2
“ Nice set for Horse Racing or Jumping. I don't follow that sport enough to know all the classifications or events. For all I know I might have offended someone because I linked Jumping with Racing. ” -captkirk42
“ Pretty plain design but cool nonetheless ” -pugchump
“ Who knew that there was a market for equestrian trading cards although since it is from the 1990s I shouldn't be surprised. If you can get a picture of it stick it on a card and into a wax/foil pack. ” -koloth42
“ I'm more interested in the horse, if I'm being honest. ” -jackal726


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