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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Set: 1993 Finish Line - Silver Series '93

Card: #174 Jimmy Makar

“ A somewhat local guy to me! Was the winning crew chief of the first race I ever saw. Multiple Cup titles to his name. Still involved in the upper level of Joe Gibbs Racing. This was tied as the first parallel in NASCAR history, one per pack. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Jimmy having a Days of Thunder moment, while thinking of how to make the car better..."I'm gonna give you an engine low to the ground... extra thick oil pan to cut the wind from underneath you. It'll give you thirty or forty more horsepower. I'm gonna give you a fuel line that'll hold an extra gallon of gas. I'm gonna shave half an inch off you and shape you like a bullet. You're gonna be perfect." I like the change of pace with the crew chief on a race card for RCotD. Nice card! ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ Not an auto racing fan, but I really like this card . . . Nice portrait photo against an in-action photo, and a different facial photo on the back . . . Nice use of colors, also . . . Very good-looking card . . . ” -georgecf

“ certainly looks like a race car driver ” -DarkSide830

“ Nice race card. ” -captkirk42

“ Not a Racing fan but this is decent. Nice picture of the driver and pretty good background. ” -Phil

“ Jimmy Makar, hmm no relation to Cale Makar right? Overall I have no idea how to comment on racing cards ” -dollar guy

“ Nothing too fancy, I like the racecar in the back ” -BasketbalHQ

“ I walked by Jimmy at Bristol in '00. Asked him if Bobby had the car to win that day. Jimmy looked at me and my son and said in the calmest voice, "I wouldn't drive that POS to the grocery store." They won the championship that year. I love racing cards, always great designs. ” -CardFlipper1974


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