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Random Card of the Day

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Set: 1993 Sentry Milwaukee Brewers

Card: #7 Robin Yount

“ Nice action shot on the front. However, the back of the card is a bit plain. At least the photo on the front was not also used on the back, which will appease most here. ” -SteelYourFace   4
“ The photo on the front is so clean and sleek with such great action shot of Yount. His name and position are large and clear with a nice logo. Honestly a really nice card all around! ” -Athletics37   2
“ Not a bad looking card. Classic Yount pose. ” -Ymmat   3
“ This guy was the GOAT for a few years. Nice card, great graphics for 1993. ” -tinyshogun   1
“ I like all the information packed onto the back of the card. Should have included a picture of him riding his motorcycle (oops, he wasn't supposed to be doing that). ” -hamrlik22   1
“ Very nice looking, especially for an oddball team set issue. Usually those are really generic and boring. ” -hiflew   1
“ Nice photography on the front. A blank card back tells me they were on a tight printing budget, so the backs stayed blank. ” -Musclebeech
“ Nice looking team "card" (photos?) ” -captkirk42
“ 20 year career on one team! Hall of Famer! They don't make like that anymore. ” -jayoneill   2
“ Nice looking card. Good photo. HOF player. Does anybody know the dimensions of this set? They aren't listed on the set page, but it looks wide and makes me think it's is oversized. Which is fine with me. Just wondered. ” -switzr1
“ Unlicensed? Needs something on the back either way. ” -pugchump   1
“ This has a really great looking front. Wish there was a back. Great player too! ” -muskie027
“ Nice action shot on the front. However, the back of the card is a bit plain. At least the photo on the front was not also used on the back, which will appease most here. ” -SteelYourFace   1


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