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Monday, October 26, 2020

Set: 2010 Topps - Legendary Lineage

Card: #LL-49 Lou Brock / Carl Crawford

“ If only Crawford were looking forward, then it would look like they were playing tag ” -Soarin22

“ When these first came out EEEK 10 YEARS AGO. I absolutely hated them as inserts. Because most of the "connections" were not connections. Now I don't mind them. ” -captkirk42

“ This was a bit too soon, as with the passage of time, Crawford fell far short of Brock. Only Lou is a legend, while Crawford added his name to the list of players who got a big free agent contract and then immediately went into decline and were a burden to their team. ” -abide

“ I have a couple of these inserts. I like the old school/new school mash up cards. ” -crushnmove

“ l love these times of retro/modern cards. RIP Lou Brock 1939-2020 ” -BasketbalHQ

“ Sometimes it's hard to get away with a double card without someone getting the short end of the bat. This one pulls it all together nicely.. ” -Camstone

“ great looking now and then ” -parsley24

“ Nice card. I like how both players are in motion. ” -cjjt

“ Those aren't boos you hear on the left side of the card...that's "Lou! Lou! Lou!". (Not sure about the right side of the card, though...I guess it depends what town you're in.) ” -kents_stuff

“ Crawford had a very underrated career ” -DarkSide830

“ This aged poorly. ” -beansballcardblog

“ Pretty good looking card. Photos are good also. ” -Phil


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